Обновление патча 3.3.0 PTR от 13-го октября

Разработчики World of Warcraft обновили официальный список изменений тестового патча 3.3.0. Теперь Жрецам и Чернокнижникам уготовано значительно больше балансовых правок. У первых с выходом следующего апдейта Fake Ray Bans заметно усилится "Облик Тьмы" (Shadowform), а вторых ждёт редизайн талантов "Истребление" (Decimation) и "Огненные недра" (Molten Core).

Подробно обо всех изменениях патча 3.3.0 PTR от 13-го октября читайте ниже (пока только на английском).

Изменения патча 3.3.0 PTR от 13-го октября  <img Cheap Ray Bans align=”absmiddle” src=”http://forums.goha.ru/images/vbgoha/buttons/collapse_thead_collapsed.gif” alt=”” border=”0″>

  • Rebirth: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.
  • Gift of the Earthmother: Redesigned. This talent now increases spell haste by 2/4/6/8/10% instead of its previous effect.


  • Call Stabled Pet: Cooldown reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.


  • Improved Scorch: The debuff from this talent no longer stacks, and instead can apply the full effect from a single cast of Scorch.


  • Power Word: Shield; This spell can now be cast on non-raid/party friendly targets.
  • Improved Devouring Gloves]. Plague: This spell now deals 10/20/30% of its total periodic effect instantly, up from 5/10/15%.
  • Shadowform: This talent also now causes Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, and Vampiric Touch to benefit from haste. Both the period length and the duration of these spells will be reduced by haste. In addition, the mana cost has been reduced from 32% to 13% of base mana.
  • Vampiric Embrace: This ability is now provides a 30-minute buff that cannot be dispelled, instead of a target debuff.


  • Reincarnation: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 60 minutes down to 50 minutes (Improved Reincarnation will continue to lower the cooldown by 10/20 minutes).


  • Create Soulstone: The cooldown on this spell and duration of its buff have been lowered from 30 minutes down to 15 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.
  • Decimation: Redesigned. When Shadowbolt, Incinerate or Soul Fire hit a target that is at or below 35% health, the cast time of Soul Fire is reduced by 20/40% for 8 seconds. Soul Fires cast under the effect of Decimation cost no shards.
  • Molten Core: Redesigned. Shadow spells and damage-over-time effects have a 12% chance to increase the damage done by Incinerate by 5/10/15% and Soul Fire by 4/7/10% for 12 seconds. In addition, Molten Core now has a new spell effect.

User Interface

  • Non spell-based tracking now persists through logout.
  • Any party member may mark raid targets.
  • Users will be warned when their talents are reset due to a new patch.
  • “/Settitle” command has been added.
  • Instant quest text is on by default.
  • “Tentative” status added for calendar responses.
  • Players below level 10 may not join raids.
  • Ignore list expanded to 50 to match the friends list.
  • Unit frames added for special encounters.
  • Interface element added next to the mini-map to show what dungeon you are in (ex: 10- and 25-player Heroic dungeons marked with a skull).
  • Experience earned for a quest will display in the Quest Rewards section.
  • Confirmation box added when buying stable slots.
  • Macro Changes

Symbol “@” added as a synonym for “target=”;. For example, “/cast [@focus] Flash Heal”.
New macro conditionals: “vehicleui” (if the player has a vehicle UI) and “unithasvehicleui” (if the target of the macro has a vehicle UI).

Character and Creature Nameplates

  • The range at which players can see nameplates has been significantly expanded.
  • You can no longer see nameplates through objects which block line of sight.

As long as you are able to peer through the doorway of a room, you will see nameplates of characters and creatures in that room.
Pillars and bridges in Arenas will not hide friendly or enemy nameplates.

  • Totem nameplates can be toggled off under “PRODUCTION” settings via “Interface Options” on the test realms.
  • Instead of nameplates for large groups of players or creatures trying to sort themselves, they will now overlap. This functionality can be toggled off under “PRODUCTION” settings via “Interface Options” on the test realms.

Addon Author Changes

  • “registerForClicks” added to xml buttons.
  • “MouseIsOver” has been converted to a “C” function for increased efficiency (e.g. /dump PlayerFrame:IsMouseOver() ).
  • When an addon file is loaded, the addon name and an addon table are passed to the file through ‘…’. The same addon table is passed to every file loaded by a particular TOC file (example at the top of a Lua file: “local addonName, addonTable = …;”.
  • “motionScriptsWhileDisabled” attribute added to buttons. This allows “OnEnter”; and “OnLeave”; to fire while the button is disabled.
  • “GetFileHeight()” Cheap Jerseys From China and “GetFileWidth()” added to Texture objects. 0 is returned if no texture file is associated with the texture.
  • You can now query Cheap Jordan Shoes for a list of completed quests with “QueryQuestsCompleted()” then wait for the “QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE” event, and call “GetQuestsCompleted(<luatable>)”.

For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros Forum: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/bo…;forumId=11114

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