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Lost Isles

Abyssal Maw

Blackrock Caverns

Blasted Lands

Blue posts

Quote from Blizzard staff
Grim Batol
Grim Batol was founded by the Wildhammers. The Wildhammers abandoned their new home after the war with the Dark Irons left the place tainted. The Dragonmaw clan later moved in and attempted to harvest the eggs of Alextrasza for sinister purposes, though they failed to fully satisfy Deathwing. With the four Dragon Aspects confronting both Deathwing and the Dragonmaws, Grim Batol was abandoned. Members of the Red Dragonflight stayed behind to guard its corridors in the Twilight Highlands.

Now popcorn…. YOU. (Source)

Twin Peaks Battleground
That I can't say, but there will be a Twilight Highlands Battleground called Twin Peaks. The Alliance will be working with the Wildhammers in a struggle for land against the Dragonmaws backed by the Horde. (Source)

MLG Announces World of Warcraft as 2010 Pro Circuit Title (From
On the heels of another successful season in 2009, Major League Gaming is pleased to announce World of Warcraft is returning to the MLG Pro Circuit. More excitement, more matches, more teams, and more prize money are just a few of the things that will make 2010 a year to remember.

The season kicks off June 4-6 in Columbus, Ohio, where 16 of the top World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena teams from around the globe will be invited to square off. Teams will compete in two groups of eight teams each, in a round robin format, with the top two teams from each group advancing to a double-elimination Championship Bracket where winners will take home over $15,000 in cash.

Starting with Raleigh, an Online Qualifier will be held prior to each Live Competition. The top four placing teams in this open competition will earn invitations to the following live event. The top two placing teams in the Online Qualifier will also receive hotel accommodations for the following live event. Also beginning in Raleigh, each Regular Season live event will host 16 teams total: the top four teams from previous event, four MLG invited teams, four Online Qualifier placing teams, and four open registration slots available for purchase.

MLG Rank Points will be awarded at each of the three live Regular Season events based on where each team finishes. The season will culminate with the 2010 World of Warcraft Championship. Up to eight teams, determined by MLG Rank Points, will face off for $25,000 in cash and the title of MLG 2010 World of Warcraft Champion.

The MLG Pro Circuit broadcast crew will also be kicking it up a notch this year with the return of the Live Broadcast from each Pro Circuit Live Competition. The all new MLG WoW Primetime Show, as well as many select matches from the Online Qualifiers, will be broadcast live throughout the season at and Stay tuned to and for more information on the season and broadcast schedules.

Players, this is your chance to bring your game to the ultimate battleground and join the ranks of professional gamers on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. If you’re interested in competing at MLG Columbus, please e-mail Fans, prepare yourself for more matches and excitement than you can imagine delivered live, directly to your living room. World of Warcraft's 2010 Season on the MLG Pro Circuit is almost here. Get ready.

2010 World of Warcraft Details
3 – Regular Season Live Competitions

  • 16 team 3v3 World of Warcraft Arena
  • $15,750 in cash prizes per Regular Season event
  • First Regular Season Live Event June 4th-6th, 2010 Columbus, Ohio
  • Live broadcasts with expert play by play and color commentary

Championship Live Event

  • 8 top ranked teams qualify based on Regular Season points
  • $25,000 in cash prizes for Championship event
  • Live broadcasts with expert play by play and color commentary

Multiple Online Qualifiers and Tournaments

  • Multiple open Online Qualifiers
  • Ladders and tournaments throughout the year
  • More prizes
  • Live broadcasts with expert play by play and color commentary

Fan Arts
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Concept Art
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The MMO Report
It's time for your weekly MMO Report, with a slight update because I screwed up the beginning of their show, oops.

First off, we have to let you all know that the first story in this week's MMO Report has an update. Right after we shot this episode Blizzard asked to take down all the images and information they had up about Cataclysm. We apologize, but still heartily recommend checking their site out.

Подробности о поле боя Twin Peaks

На американских официальных форумах MMORPG World Of Warcraft утомленные показом незатейливых скриншотов из дополнения Катаклизм попросили разработчиков показать им что-нибудь интересное – например, женские модели Воргенов. В ответ на это сотрудник Blizzard Entertainment по имени Zarhym разразился подробностями о предыстории нового поля боя, называющегося Twin Peaks.

Он поведал общественности, что Грим-Батол был основан кланом дворфов Громового Молота, которые затем покинули свой новый дом после войны с кланом Черного Железа. Позже здесь появился клан орков Драконьей Пасти, который попытался собрать было отложенные Алекстразой драконьи яйца, чтобы использовать их в гнусных целях. Это, однако, не увенчалось успехом и задание Смертокрыла было провалено – он не был удовлетворен их усилиями. Грим-Батол был заброшен после того, как в нем развернулось сражение между четырьмя Драконьими Аспектами и Смертокрылом, которому помогал клан Драконьей Пасти. Красные Драконы остались на охране коридоров подземелья, расположенного в Twilight Highlands.

Затем Zarhym внес еще больше конкретики, сказав, что в Twilight Highlands появится поле боя с названием Twin Peaks. По его словам, «Альянс вместе с кланом Громового Молота будут сражаться за эти земли против ордынского клана Драконьей Пасти». Интересная новость заключается еще и в том, что Драконья Пасть, известная игрокам по цепочке квестов Драконов Пустоты, судя по всему, почему-то перешла на сторону Орды Гарроша.

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