Halion US First Kill, Blizzcon 2010 Charity Dinner

Update – European Maintenance Extended

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The maintenance has been extended for all realms until 14:00, Paris time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while this is being resolved.

Halion 10/25 US First Kill by Premonition

Ruby Sanctum now available on US servers

Update – Added the Patch 3.3.5 stuff for European readers who get their patch today.

Ruby Sanctum now available
The Ruby Sanctum is now available on US servers and will most likely be available when EU servers come up.

25-Man Loot Table

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Patch 3.3.5a deployed on live realms

Update – No Ruby Sanctum for the moment.

Patch 3.3.5a deployed on live realms
A bugfix patch is being deployed on live realms, detailed patch notes aren’t included with the patch file but I’ll assume the patch is here to fix most of the .

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WoW Tap Chat, Cataclym Screenshots, Blue Posts

Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day
Today we have another screenshot of the Southern Barrens and a fairly interesting view of the Abyssal Maw, featuring a Faceless One caster.

World of Warcraft “Tap Chat” Pedal by Creative
Earlier today, an announcement was posted

Blue posts, MMO Report, Comics

The week starts slowly with a couple of Blue Posts and your weekly dose of MMO Report and Comics. The beta is still supposed to be soon, just like the past 2 months.

Blue Posts

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Increasing the crit rating on plate to compensate the crit given by agi
Warriors don’t need to have the same amount of crit as rogues to do the same (or sometimes higher) damage. The only risk is that rogues who scale both AP and crit from Agi will end

Cataclysm Screenshots, WoW Movie, Blue posts

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day
The screenshots of the day have been uploaded on the official site for the week-end. Today’s update features a screenshot of Mount Hyjal already released during the press event and a screenshot of the Barrens.

Sam Raimi talks about the World

Inspect Throttle, Blue posts

Update – Added a new screenshot of the day and a couple of blue posts.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day
A new screenshot of the Halls of Origination has been uploaded to the official site.

Blizzard to start throttling inspect requests
An interesting announcement was posted on . It looks like

Cataclysm Screenshots, Blue Posts

It’s amazing how much stuff you have to post after 2 days of “omg patch!”.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day
The has been updated with more stuff that I didn’t have the time to post because of the patch.