3.3.5 Extended Maintenance, Known Issues

Update – Servers are coming back online!

It looks like the servers will be down for a little more time, I’ll just move along and provide you with something new to read! And if you have nothing better to do, follow MMO-Champion on Facebook or follow me on Twitter !

(Update – 04:00PM PDT) Patch 3.3.5 on US Realms, Cataclysm Beta

Update #3 Extended Maintenance (04:00PM)

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We are continuing to work to resolve issues with the application of the new content patch & will provide an update by 4:00PM PDT.

Update #2 Extended Maintenance
The maintenance has been extended once again. Also, we had a couple of issues on MMO-Champion

Midsummer Festival – Lord Ahune Loot Table

Update – Added the MMO Report and Dark Legacy Comic.

Midsummer Festival – Lord Ahune Loot Table
The Midsummer Festival is here and players can now fight Lord Ahune for super easy epics, because we all like super easy epics. You will be teleported to the instance instantly, you then get to kill Lord Ahune once. You will get an epic item from his chest (see the loot table) and all the members of the group will be rewarded with 2 x from the .


Cataclysm Screenshots, Blue posts

Update – So huh we got wtfpwned by another bug and went down for 2 hours. The menu is gone for a few hours. The good news is, site will be faster now that the bug is out of the way!

Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day
The has been updated with 3 more screenshots of Cataclysm.

Cataclysm Preview – Grim Batol

Cataclysm Preview – Grim Batol

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During a bloody civil war among the three dwarven factions of Ironforge, the Bronzebeards ousted the Wildhammer and the Dark Iron clans from the ancient corridors of the mountain city. In the wake of the defeat, the Wildhammers ventured north and forged a new home, Grim Batol, in the mountains of what is now the Twilight Highlands. However, although

Cataclysm Screenshot, WoW Movie, Blue posts, Fan Arts

WoW Movie – Not really “soon”
Apparently we will have to wait a while before there is anything new about the World of Warcraft Movie. reports that Sam Raimi will direct the Wizard of Oz prequel for Disney.

Assuming that Sam Raimi is still the director for the World of Warcraft movie as , it looks like it will have to wait a little longer.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day – Steamwheedle Port

Cataclysm Screenshots, Blue posts

I’m sure you will be happy to know that most of the server issues we had post migration are now resolved. The most annoying bugs on the site should be gone very shortly now that there is time to work on it.

Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day Compilation
Blizzard released a screenshot of Cataclysm each day for the past 7 weeks and we have more than enough of them to do a compilation of what we saw. Enjoy!

Abyssal Maw