Seperate 10 / 25 man instances.

Would it be that bad of cheap jordans online an idea for blizzard to go back to seperate 10/25 man instances?

Let’s say the first tier of raiding in cheap jordans online cataclysm cheap nfl jerseys was 2 10 man instances and a 25 man instance. The next would be 1 10 man and 1 25 man, or something along oakley outlet those lines. I personally think everyone would be linda happier with that over the current cataclysm situation. The "casual" players will be happy with their 10 man content dropping the same ilvl gear as the 25 man raid, but of course the two instances would drop different loot.

I honestly don’t think blizzard would do this, but I think overall more raiders would be happy with it.

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