AVR Mod Broken in 3.3.5, SSOTD, Fan Arts

AVR Mod Broken in 3.3.5

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Quote from: Bashiok (Source)
This is a notice that we’re making changes in 3.3.5 in attempts to break the ability for the AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) mod to continue functioning. For those unaware, this mod allows players to draw in the 3D space of the game world, which can then be shared with others who are also using the mod. In some cases this manifests itself through drawing/tagging/defacing the game world, but more popularly is used to give visual guides for dungeon and raid encounters.

We’re making this change for two reasons. The invasive nature of a mod altering and/or interacting with the game world (virtually or directly) is not intended and not something we will allow. World of Warcraft UI addons are Fake Oakleys never intended to interact with the game world itself. This is mirrored in our stance and restriction of model and texture alterations. The second reason is that it removes too much player reaction and decision-making while facing dungeon and raid encounters. While some other mods also work to this end, we find that AVR and the act of visualizing strategy within the game world simply goes beyond what we’re willing to allow.

The change we’re making in attempts to break the functionality is light in its touch and approach. When blocking any functionality we run the risk of affecting other mods, but cheap jordan shoes we’ve targeted the changes as carefully as possible. If we find that the AVR mod (or any mod attempting to replicate its functions) are usable after 3.3.5 we will take further, more drastic steps.

If you do not remember what AVR is, here is a small reminder.

Totem of Wrath Changes
This isn't a lot of information but it's the most we can get these days!

Quote from: Ghostcrawler (Source)
It is 100 yards. The new implementation isn't a totem, but an effect that radiates from an existing throwback jerseys totem.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day – Vashj'ir
A new screenshot of Vashj'ir has been added to the Screenshot of the Day Gallery.

Concept Art
Two very early concept art (= Before Warcraft 3) of the Taurens and Night Elves have been released on the official site.

Fan Art
6 new Fan Arts have been added to the Fan Art Gallery.

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