Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha (Updated)

Friday 7th May Update
The past 24 hours have been crazy and there are so many things jordan retro 11 left to do that I won't try to list them. I'd like to point out a few things:

  • The public testing didn't start yet, any invitation you will receive is a SCAM TO STEAL YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • Screenshots of all the zones are now available, keep in mind that this is an alpha test and some of them do not even have any changes yet. Blizzard will add tons of stuff in the next builds, don't worry.
  • I also included screenshots of unchanged zones because people will keep asking if they changed if I don't do it.
  • If a world map isn't in the post, it's because it's not in the game files cheap nfl jerseys yet.
  • The only Cheap Oakleys reason why I keep everything on the front oakley outlet page for the moment is because any attempt to split it into multiple pages would dramatically increase the load on the webservers Опубликована and crash the site. The Cataclysm menu will be here soon enough, don't worry.

Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha
The Cataclysm Client is now … slightly less private and a lot of spoilers will be published soon. I'll just jump in the train. Just for fun : Children of Deathwing

Zone Screenshots

All the zones screenshots have been moved to dedicated articles, please check this post for more information.

There aren't a lot of new achievements, but it looks like you'll have to explore everything again.

New Titles
A couple of strange new titles have been added, no more details at this point.

  • Exalted Cheap Jerseys of <name>
  • Veteran of <name>
  • Guardian of <name>
  • Recruit of <name>

A lot of recipes are available but so far I don't have any stats or items, I'll just list the enchants and the useful things for the moment.



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