Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha

Update – Zarhym confirmed the F&F Alpha.

Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha
The Cataclysm Friends & Family Alpha just started. The banner below was taken from the official site Wholesale Jerseys where people ray ban sunglasses eligible for the alpha can already copy their character. Let's roll.

Important: The Friends & Family Alpha is restricted to employee's friends and family, the only way to enter this phase of the alpha is to have a Blizzard employee request a key for you personally. Any mail you receive about a potential Cataclysm beta is a scam.

Quote from: Zarhym Cheap Ray Bans (Source)
Yes, we can confirm that the Family & Friends phase of the testing process for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has begun. The closed beta test phase has not yet started, but we will provide updated information when it does.

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