Cataclysm Screenshot, Ruby Sanctum, Elitist Armory

Update – ElitistArmory got slightly mmo-champion'd. You might have to wait a while to get cheap MLB Jerseys your character processed.

The activity on Blizzard's side is fairly restricted these days since most of the activity seems to be on the Alpha forums according to what I hear. I will probably start pushing live the Cataclysm menu and a few other things today (= I might break the site a little) since the NDA lasts longer than I expected and it's probably worth it to do temporary pages.

Also, don't forget that Ruby Sanctum testing is tonight!

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day<br fake ray bans />A new screenshot has been added to the official Screenshot of the Day Gallery. Today is another look at Gilneas.

Reminder – Ruby Sanctum PTR Testing Today

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<div Cheap Jordan Shoes class=”blizzquoteheader”>Quote from: Daelo (Source)

Now that the 3.3.5 patch is available for PTR testing, we wanted to have a round of focus testing for Cheap Jordan Shoes oakley sunglasses sale Ruby Sanctum. Only normal mode will be available, with Heroic testing to occur at a later date.

Everything related to this zone is implemented for this test, please note any issues with the trash creatures and sub-bosses, loot, achievements, and quests.

US Testing Schedule:
Date to be determined

EU Testing Schedule:
Tuesday, May 18 starting at 19:30 CEST.

We plan to allow testing for an extended period. However since this is the Test Realm, unforeseen issues could delay or cancel testing at any time. Cheap Jordan Shoes