Ruby Sanctum PTR Testing

Update – Added 6 live screenshots of the instance, Thanks to NicoNero on the forums!

Ruby Sanctum PTR Testing
The testing of the Ruby Sanctum on US PTRs is still Sexy scheduled for tonight and we might have a nice preview of the encounters if Blizzard can keep the PTR servers alive. You might have to stare at the blue bar for a while until Blizzard fixes the issues affecting the servers.

Blood Legion – US-Illidan

Ruby Sanctum – Early Compilation / Preview


This preview is only based on what we saw in the game files, it certainly isn't accurate and information will be updated as soon as the PTR testing cheap ray bans starts.

Official Description

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)
As we prepare for the public testing phase of minor content patch 3.3.3, some players might come across information regarding upcoming content that isn't yet available. To avoid any confusion, we'd like to tell you about an exciting Cheap Jerseys new raid dungeon we are working on for content patch 3.3.5.

The Ruby Sanctum

A powerful war party of the Black Dragonflight, led by the fearsome Twilight dragon, Halion, have launched an assault upon the Ruby cheap jerseys Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple. By destroying the sanctum, the Black Dragonflight look to crush those that would stand in the way of their master’s reemergence into Azeroth and to ultimately shatter the Wyrmrest Accord – the sacred bond that unites the dragonflights.

The battle that is to come will surely deal a crippling blow to the Red Dragonflight, however, it is up to you to stop this unprecedented offensive and defend the Ruby Sanctum. First you must face the assault of Halion's servants, Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Warborn, and General Zarithrian, before squaring off against Halion the Twilight Destroyer, a new and deadly force in this realm.

The Ruby Sanctum will feature 10- and 25-player content, Heroic difficulties and all-new rewards! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer jordan retro 1 to its release.

More Details on the instance / Loot Table by Zarhym

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)
  • Number 2. The lieutenants are sub-bosses which will each drop an Emblem of Frost. Halion is the main boss. While the activation of Heroic difficulty is different from the Obsidian Sanctum, the overall raid format for the Ruby Sanctum is very comparable.
  • You're likely to find some random pieces of armor on par with Lich King loot, similar to the items Onyxia dropped while Trial of the Crusader was the top-tier raid. You can also expect to see some more trinkets and things of that nature.
  • This raid will not only provide a bit of additional content to pair with the current content of patch 3.3, it will be the beginning of an advancement in the storyline for Cataclysm.
  • The plan is to have a normal mode and a heroic mode just like Icecrown Citadel, so far there is no plan for a Sartharion +1/+2/+3-like encounter.

Instance Screenshots (Non Official)

Boss Screenshots

World Map and Loading Screen

Ruby Sanctum Loot
Apparently, these spells will be used on trinkets dropped in the instance. They are only the proc and you should keep in mind that they will have additional stats just like any other trinket.

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