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Ruby Sanctum Questline
A couple of quests will be added to the game to introduce the Ruby Sanctum. If you do not know who are the dragons mentioned in the quest descriptions, you might want to check the Dargonax / Sinestra articles on WoWWiki. These quests have been added to the Ruby Sanctum Info Compilation.

QuestTrouble at Wyrmrest
Objectivefake ray bans Speak with Krasus at Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.
My old friend Krasus sends word of dire happenings at Wyrmrest, in Dragonblight. His missive was brief, but it seems that there has been some sort of attack on the Ruby Sanctum beneath the Temple.

Pressing business here ray ban outlet in Dalaran keeps me from attending to the matter personally, but I have heard word of your exploits in the Lich King's Citadel and you are doubtless up to the task — perhaps you could assist cheap MLB Jerseys Krasus in my stead?

QuestAssault on the Sanctum
Objective – Investigate the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.
<race>, something terrible has transpired within the Ruby Sanctum beneath the Temple. The entry to the Sanctum is in ruins, and its guardians violently slain. We sent scouts to investigate, but they have not returned. I cannot help but fear the worst.

Enter the Ruby Sanctum and discover what has befallen the home of my flight. Once we have more information, we can plan our next steps accordingly.

Quest – <a cheap jerseys href=””>The Twilight Destroyer
Objective – Defeat Halion wholesale nfl jerseys and repel the invasion of the Ruby Sanctum.
RewardsEmblem of Frost x 5
This was no reckless attack, but rather a carefully orchestrated strike against the heart of the Red Dragonflight. Zarithrian, on the bluff over there, is overseeing the assault, but the true leader of this force is a brash and powerful Twilight dragon named Halion. Not since Dargonax has a full-grown spawn of Sinestra's twisted experiments been seen.

Slay him, <name>, and then when the invasion has been fully repelled, report to Krasus regarding all you have seen here.

Machinima – World of Gnomecraft 2.0
World of Gnomecraft 2.0 for a while and I never had the time/always forgot to post it. Also, I've been hiding my love for gnomes from the public for years and it's time for a change!

Dark Legacy Comic #238 and Teh Gladiators #132 + 133 are out. Also added two comics posted this week on Penny Arcade!

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