Подведены итоги 5-недельного юбилейного конкурса

Компания Blizzard Entertainment огласила имена победителей последней недели конкурса, посвященного пятилетнему юбилею MMORPG World of Warcraft. Авторы лучших работ, среди которых встречаются и русские фамилии (К. Смирнова, И. Иванов – рис. 1 и 2 соответственно), получили в награду плакат с изображением Ониксии с автографом художников Blizzard Entertainment и год бесплатной игры в World of Warcraft. Наши поздравления победителям!

Занявшие второе место выиграли по видеокарте ASUS ENGTX260/HTDI/896M NVIDIA, а авторы двух лучших работ – ноутбук ASUS G51J 3D Republic of Gamers 3D Vision Laptop с американской раскладкой клавиатуры. Конкурс завершен.

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Patch 3.3.3 on Live Servers This Week

Update – Yes, the Icecrown Citadel buff is still at 5%. You can stop asking.

Patch 3.3.3 on Live Servers This Week
Patch 3.3.3 will hit the live servers this week, it's time for the super-big recap of all the changes and additions from this patch.

Patch 3.3.3: Frozo The Renowned

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)
I'm sure some of you noticed this in the 3.3.3 PTR patch notes:

  • Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.

For those curious, here are the items for which you can trade your Frozen Orbs to Frozo. These each cost 1 Frozen Orb unless noted otherwise in parentheses:

Patch 3.3.3 – Random Dungeons Changes
Patch 3.3.3 should be deployed during the next maintenance on live servers and it's time to mention a few interesting changes to the Dungeon Finder that I forgot to report in the past weeks. Tons of minor changes have been made to make your life easier but there are two changes that will probably make you very happy.

First, the patch notes mention a change to "skip" the introduction of Culling of Stratholme. The change doesn't sound really exciting but it's actually a huge improvement over the previous version, you can basically talk to Chromie and skip all the roleplay to jump directly to the first Scourge wave. A couple of other tweaks have also been made to make the dungeon slightly faster and I'm pretty sure you won't skip it anymore. (Especially with a Deserter debuff extended to 30 minutes)

The second major changes to the random dungeon system is the new vote kick system, you can now give a reason when you start a vote to kick someone. At some point it was mentioned in a blue post that the 15 minute limit before you can kick someone was gone, but it doesn't seem to be the case in the current build of the PTR. We will have to wait and see how it works on the live servers.

Patch 3.3.3 Professions Changes
Patch 3.3.3 will introduce a couple of VERY interesting changes to professions. The first part of the change is obviously the removal of most of the transmutation cooldowns, it will affect most tiers of crafted items and it wouldn't be surprising to see items like Breastplate of the White Knight drop from 4000 to 2000G at the AH.

The 2nd part is also very interesting if you're looking for cheap epic gear to start running instances with your alts, all the crafted recipes from Ulduar had their reagents cost considerably lowered and you can expect to find these items for less than 1000G.


  • Frozo the Renowned will let you trade Frozen Orbs for a lot of rare reagents, including Crusader/Runed Orbs and Eternal elements.

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