Patch 3.3.3 Professions Changes, Blue posts

Patch 3.3.3 Professions Changes
Patch 3.3.3 will introduce a couple of VERY interesting changes to professions. The first part of the change is obviously the removal of most of the transmutation cooldowns, it will affect most tiers of crafted items and it wouldn't be surprising to see items like Breastplate of the White Knight drop from 4000 to 2000G at the AH.

The 2nd part is also very interesting if you're looking for cheap epic gear to start running instances with your alts, all the crafted recipes from Ulduar had their reagents cost considerably lowered and you can expect to find these items for less than 1000G.


  • Frozo the Renowned will let you trade Frozen Orbs for a lot of rare reagents, including Crusader/Runed Orbs and Eternal elements.

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Blue posts

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Random dungeon 15 minute vote kick limit gone in 3.3.3
It's not mentioned in the notes, but the Vote Kick option no longer has a 15-minute cooldown. Enjoy. (Source)

Vote kick reason in 3.3.3
This might not answer your question — which may or may not have been rhetorical anyway — but we did find that a lot people were clicking "Yes" on the Vote Kick alert, then later asking, "why did we kick that guy?" The idea is to make the person who wants to kick someone from the group give everyone else a reason. If the reason is silly or defamatory, a surprising number of people could very well reject it.

While many people are quick to take into account all of the worst possible scenarios with any presented changes to the game, we find that those cases are typically the minor fringe cases once the changes are put in action. The patch notes are out and the speculation is brimming, but let's see how things turn out before clenching our crystal balls, shall we? (Source)

Seasonal bosses only accessible through the Dungeon Finder in 3.3.3
Yes, the Dungeon Finder must be used. The interface will have a separate selection for special World Event bosses in dungeons. If players zone into the dungeon without using the Dungeon Finder, the bosses will not be there. (Source)

On-Proc Talents changed to Auras in 3.3.3
We made those changes for a few reasons.

Basically, they are balanced around more-or-less 100% uptime now. We think talents of the variety when X crits, now you can do Y are cool, but these auras really weren't in that category anymore. They were just cute ways of getting a passive buff up. Nobody tended to think Leader of the Pack was boring because it was just on all the time.

Removing the constant application and removal of these buffs (through both the passive aura and the range increase) might improve performance a tiny bit, will clean out your combat logs (which actually improves performance too), and reduce the UI and in some cases spell effect spam, which might make combat a little more easier to understand.

There are some auras where location on the battlefield is supposed to matter, such as totems, the imp, shouts, and paladin auras. Those didn't change. ([url=http://blue.mmo-champio…