Поступили в продажу плюшевые игрушки

В списке товаров интернет-магазина компании Blizzard Entertainment появились первые плюшевые игрушки из новой коллекции – Детеныш ветрокрыла и Птенец грифона, об этом сообщает официальный сайт MMORPG World Of Warcraft: «Ассоциация распорядителей полетов Азерота с удовольствием объявляет, что два самых популярных и комфортабельных средства передвижения подверглись легкой плюшизации».

К каждой игрушке прилагается код для получения аналогичного внутриигрового небоевого питомца-спутника, прикрепленного к учетной записи, который будет сопровождать игрока в странствиях по Азероту. Питомцы не привязаны к определенной фракции, поэтому, например, зеленый ордынский орк может беспрепятственно купить птенца грифона, традиционно принадлежащего Альянсу, за каких-нибудь 25 евро.

«Летите скорее в интернет-магазин Blizzard и заведите себе плюшевого друга!»
– рекомендует сайт игры.

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Cataclysm Prologue – Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles

Cataclysm Prologue – Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles
Patch 3.3.3 introduced a lot of data for the prologue, or at least a part of it. If you checked the site when the patch was first release you already know that players will be able to recapture Gnomeregan (Alliance) and the Echo Isles (Horde).

Achievements and Overcloaks
This is where it all started, the new achievements were discovered instantly on the Item Database Latest Additions.

  • Gnomecoming King – You assisted High Tinker Mekkatorque and the Gnomeregan Exiles in the recapture of Gnomeregan's surface.
  • Gnomecoming Queen – You assisted High Tinker Mekkatorque and the Gnomeregan Exiles in the recapture of Gnomeregan's surface.

There isn't any Horde achievement for the moment and they will probably be added to the game in a later PTR build.

After digging a little more in the game files it also looks like players will be rewarded with "cosmetic cloaks" at some point. Apparently, Blizzard introduced an Overcloak mechanism that allows you to change the appearance of your cloak without having to unequip your regular super-epic cloak.

  • Gnomeregan Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak.
  • Orgrimmar Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak.

More spells should be introduced later according to the models I found in the game files. (Personal message to Blizzard: Guild Tabards overcloaks, please!)

Flight Paths
More flight paths have been added to the game. First, you have to understand that everytime you use a vehicle following an automated path, most of the coordinates it uses are stored in your client and aren't received from the server. Knowing that, we can reproduce the paths on a world map (yes, we can do that) and check where the various Cataclysm missions will bring us.

  • CC Prologue – GT – Quest – Vent Horizon – Start (#392)
  • CC Prologue – GT – Quest – Vent Horizon – End (#393)
  • CC Prologue – GT – Battle Flight – Start (#394)
  • CC Prologue – GT – Battle Flight – End (#395)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue Spy Frog Start (#404)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue Spy Frog End (#405)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue Troll Taxi Bat Start (#438)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue Troll Recruit End (#439)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue – Troll Battle End (#440)

Quest Lines
A lot of quests have been added to the game for this event. Keep in mind that this is only a small part of the entire event but it will give you a good idea of how players will recapture Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles.

There is also a third questline involving the Twilight's Cult, the end of the world is near and they really want you to know about it!

Alliance – Recapturing Gnomeregan

QuestA Few Good GnomesR
Objective – Recruit Gnome Citizens from Tinker Town using the Motivate-a-Tron and lead them to Captain Tread Sparknozzle at Steelgrill's Depot.
Our engineers have been working on getting our battle machines ready for our assault on Gnomeregan, but we're out of pilots! We've developed a device called the Motivate-a-Tron, which prevents distraction from other sources and gives the gnome the courage to enlist. After motivating a few Gnome Citizens, lead them out to Captain Tread Sparknozzle out at Steelgrill's Depot, just south of Ironforge. Oh, and be careful. The device is still a little experimental.

QuestBasic Orders
Objective – Follow Drill Sergeant Steamcrank's cues and then report back to Captain Tread Sparknozzle.
Hey! You look like you could give us a hand! If you're willing to help our cause, we have to get you through training. Gnome training is brutal and rigorous, so I hope you're ready. Head over to Drill Sergeant Steamcrank and he'll walk you through what you need to know. Make sure you follow his orders when he gives them, or else you'll never make it I'm warning you though, it's tough over there. Come back to see me, if you make it.

QuestVent Horizon
Objective – Use Pilot Muzzlesprock's flying machine to toss Radiageigatrons at the vents surrounding Gnomeregan.
We thought that we could wait for the radiation to subside around Gnomeregan, but it doesn't appear to be getting better. If we want to take back our city, we need to make sure it's safe for our troops to enter. Take these Radiageigatrons, hop in 'Thunderflash' here, and toss them at the ventilation shafts outside of Gnomeregan. They'll report the radiation levels directly to me.

QuestPrepping the Speech
Objective – Use the Gnomish Playback Device in front of Ozzie Togglevolt west of Kharanos, Milli Featherwhistle at Steelgrill Depot and Tog Rustsprocket outside the Kharanos Inn. Return to Toby Zieggear when all the speeches have been given.
High Tinker Mekkatorque asked me to write a speech that he could give before the battle starts, but I can't tell which draft is good and which ones just stink. Could you try some of them out on some of the local gnome residents? This device creates an image of Mekkatorque saying a few lines from each of my speech drafts. Let me know which one works, okay?

QuestWords for Delivery
Objective – Give the speech to Captain Tread Sparknozzle at Steelgrill Depot.
Here we go. This is the speech, <name>! It has everything to be a great battle starter: It's inspirational, has eloquent language and speaks directly to gnomes. Never has a finer speech been written! Turn this in to Captain Tread Sparknozzle and get some transportation to High Tinker Mekkatorque!

QuestWords for Delivery
Objective – Ride 'Thunderflash' from Steelgrill Depot to High Tinker Mekkatorque and deliver Toby's speech.
All right, soldier. Time to prove your worth! Take the speech and board the flying machine "Thunderflash". It's the fastest ship to High Tinker Mekkatorque and this speech is the only thing he's waiting on before starting Operation: Gnomeregan. Go! Now!

QuestOperation: Gnomeregan
Objective – [PH]Help King Mekkatorque take back Gnomeregan.
Additional Note – Rewards Gnomeregan Overcloak and Gnomecoming King / Gnomecoming Queen. (And if you're wondering, [PH] just means PlaceHolder)
[PH] Help Mekkatorque take back Gnomeregan.

Alliance – Mechano-Tanks Tutorial?

QuestIn and Out
Objective – Test out the ejection system in the Ejector Mechano-Tank.
We've gotta get these new mechano-tanks ready for the assault. You ready to help test these bad boys out?! Of course you are! First, we need to make sure that once you're in, you can get out. In battle, if you think your tank is going to explode, get out! I've seen many a gnome stay in 'til the bitter end… the tank blows up, and them along with it. Well, I've upgraded this tank with an ejection seat. Try it out for me, will ya?

QuestOne Step Forward…
Objective – Test the the Scuttling Mechano-Tank's maneuverability.
With the ejection system working, I think we're ready to test out movement. This tank has an extra special feature: Automatic Evasive Maneuvers! I want you to check out the servos on the left leg, the right leg and the Automatic Evasive Maneuver system. This is easy stuff, so it shouldn't take too long.

QuestPress Fire
Objective – Test out the Shooting Mechano-Tank weapon systems on the nearby targets.
Safety systems, online! Motor functions, functioning! Now all we need is to make sure that the guns will fire. This shouldn't be too hard, <name>. The mechano-tank on the hill behind us has been loaded with harmless pellets. Just fire off a couple rounds at the nea…