Sound Blaster World of Warcraft headsets – наушники для фанатов

Creative Labs готовится к выпуску Sound Blaster World of Warcraft headsets – наушников, созданных специально для фанатов WoW. Будет доступна как версия для тех, кто играет за Альянс, так и для тех, кто предпочитает Орду. Изначально подразумевалось, что они будут доступны только в США, но затем в Creative Labs решили пересмотреть свою позицию, и теперь гарнитуру можно заказать по всему миру в самых разных магазинах. В розничной продаже как проводная, так и беспроводная версия Sound Blaster World of Warcraft headsets появятся 22 марта, пока же их начали получать те, кто успел оформить предзаказ.

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Authenticator Accounts Hacked, ICC Quests, Crimson Deathcharger

Trojan succesfully hacks Authenticator Protected Accounts
A new virus spawned on the internet a few days ago and seems to be the first trojan capable of hacking a WoW account protected by an Authenticator. It was confirmed by Blizzard a few hours ago.

Quote from: Kropacius (Source)
After looking into this, it has been escalated, but it is a Man in the Middle attack.

This is still perpetrated by key loggers, and no method is always 100% secure.

Basically, what the virus does is fairly simple after you're infected :

  • The next time you log in World of Warcraft, the game asks for your Authenticator code.
  • The virus intercepts it, send it to another server, and sends a wrong one to Blizzard = You get an error.
  • The people behind the virus now have a few seconds/minutes to use the "real" code while it's valid to change your password / empty your account / guild bank.

How to check if you're infected
Just search for a file named "emcor.dll" on your computer, it is most likely located in "C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Temp" but I suggest that you check everything just to be sure. If you do find the file, delete it and make sure you update your anti-virus to prevent any further problem.

To be honest, if you found this file your account is probably already compromised.

What does it mean exactly?

  • Yes, you can get hacked even if you have an authenticator, the chances are MUCH lower but you're not invulnerable.
  • It definitely isn't an excuse to not have an authenticator. We're talking about a single virus here and the authenticator will save your ass 99% of the time.
  • Get a decent anti-virus, buy an authenticator, you'll be safe.

New Icecrown Citadel Quests in Patch 3.3.3 [SPOILER]
Patch 3.3.3 added even more quests to the Icecrown Citadel! They all seem to be part of the same questline and according to the descriptions we can assume it will start from Item #51315, most likely dropped by the Lich King.

  • Quests descriptions aren't available yet, the description text for each quest is a transcript of the sound files.
  • We can't know for sure how it will drop, the 3 possibilities are: A drop from the Lich King in 25-Man Heroic Mode, drop from the Lich King in 10-Man Heroic Mode, Shadowmourne extra quest rewards.

Thanks to Tyrsenus and the wonderful users who did most of the work in this forum thread.

Quest – Quest: Personal Property
Reward – Item #51316 (Maybe the loot bag for the other items?)
Bring the Sealed Chest to Highlord Darion Mograine in Icecrown Citadel.

You can detect no hinges or openings on this box. Were it not for the shifting of items inside, it could easily be mistaken for solid metal. If anyone could know the method of its opening, it would be Highlord Mograine.

Presumably, opening the box will contain five items, which the player will then return to their respective owners:

Quest – Jaina's Locket
Reward – Item #52251 – Might be tied to Portal: Dalaran. (1 min cooldown)
What's this?  He… he kept it.. all this time he kept it! <Cries> I knew! <Cries> I sensed a part of him still alive… trapped… struggling. Oh Arthas! Perhaps he might someday remember from what he once was… By the Light may he at last find rest, free from the icy grip of that terrible blade!

Quest – Muradin's Lament
Reward – Item #52251 – Possibly a flavor item to transform into a Frostborn – Frostborn IllusionScreenshot
Oh lad, how I missed those endless days in Lordaeron, sharpening your skill with this dull blade. Forging you into a weapon meant to withstand the demands of a great destiny. Heh… You sure put them skills to use, didn't you lad? If only I'd been able to stop you that day, how different things migha' been. If only I'da never discovered that accursed blade. Farewell, Arthas, my brother.

Quest – Sylvanas' Vengeance
Reward – Item #52253 – Possibly another flavor item, probably tied to the Lament of the Highborne spell.
So, it is done. I had not dared to trust my senses. Too many times has the Lich King made me to be a fool. Finally, he has been made to pay for the atrocities he imposed upon my people. May Azeroth never fail to remember the horrible price we paid for our weakness, for our pride. But what now, Hero? What of those freed from his grasp but still shackled to their mortal coils? Leave me. I have much to ponder.

Quest – The Lightbringer's Redemption
Reward – Item #52252Tabard of the LightbringerScreenshot.
Arthas… Alas, hero of Azeroth. You give me a greater gift than you know. Long have I struggled to forgive the prince for his terrible transgressions. My soul has been wracked with unbearable anxiety, dark thoughts, distancing me from the light. I recall clearly… the gleam of pride in his eye as he stood before me, eager to defeat the enemies of the light… eager to defend his people, no matter the cost. It is this memory of Arthas that I choose to keep in my heart. I shall always be in your debt, friend. Thank you.

Quest – Mograine's Reunion
Reward – Item #52200 (Mount!)
Alexandros: Darion, my son. At last I am able to lay my eyes upon you again. The Lich King tormented me without end, Darion. Endlessly he sought to break my will, to force me to serve him, to bind me to his blade. Finally, when events demanded his full attention, he left me. The one memory I clung to Darion, the one thought that kept me from giving in, it was your sacrifice, my son. That again saved me from eternal peril.

Darion: Father, father, I… I feared for your sanity, father, for you, I would give my life a thousand times.

The reward of this quest is most likely the Crimson Deathcharger mount spell added to the game in 3.3.3.

There is only one mount spell, but there are actually two new deathchargers creatures Azure Deathcharger and Crimson Deathcharger, we can assume that the color will change depending on the player's faction.