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3.3.3 Known Issues List

Quote from: Ujumqin (Source)
This is a listing now of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.3.

  • This list is not complete, and will not include all issues.
  • The issues listed here are frequently reported issues that will be addressed at a later date via a client patch.

The latest patch notes can always be found at

General Issues

  • Changing a character's model during a weapon swing will result in your off-hand weapon disappearing.
  • Players are unable to access the auction house through Reginald Arcfire/Brassbolt Mechawrench in Dalaran.
  • Shoulder armor does not attach correctly to Blood Elf Male characters.
  • Pets are receiving Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn outside of Icecrown Citadel on servers with the buffs active.

Priest (Forums / Talent Calculator)

  • While in Spirit of Redemption Form, certain spells will cause the form to cancel prematurely.


  • The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat does not work with low level fishing poles.


  • Ruby Sanctum displays on the in-game calendar.

Murkimus – Account Changes

Quote from: Bashiok (Source)
With the release of patch 3.3.3 those who received the Murkimus pet for their participation in the 2009 Arena Tournament will notice that the pet is being changed to apply to the entire World of Warcraft account that was requested to receive the pet. Players who have created characters on this same account since the tournament will see a Murkimus in their in-game mailboxes and all new characters on this account will receive it as well. The in-game mail containing this pet will go out in the near future.

With this change you’ll finally be able to play any of your characters, stand up defiantly, and exclaim “I’m Murkimus!”

edit: Please note that the information given was not accurate in the original message but has been updated to reflect that this is World of Warcraft license specific change, and is not applied to NFL Jerseys Cheap the entire account.

Blue posts

Quote from Blizzard staff
Fishing – High Test Eternium Fishing Line
With the release of 3.3.3 you may see an erroneous message when applying High Test Eternium Fishing Line. If an enchantment already exists on the fishing pole you will be asked if you'd like to replace your current fishing pole enchantment with "+2 Fishing". This message is incorrect and applying the High Test Eternium Fishing Line enchantment will still give the proper +5 Fishing.

This is slated to be corrected in an upcoming patch. (Source)

Lich King Crossbow DPS Bug
This will get fixed soon. The tooltip may be Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses incorrect for a short time after it's fixed. (Source)

Pets have the ICC Raid Buff everywhere
We're currently working on a fix to limit the buff on pets to just inside Icecrown Citadel. Enjoy the buff while it lasts! (Source)

Saved in ToC after wiping to Northrend Beasts
Being saved to ToC when you wiped to Northrend Beasts ray ban sale was indeed a bug, but the issue should be fixed now with 3.3.3. (Source)

Arenas Popularity
As a point of clarification, it isn't really a goal to push as many players as possible into Arena. We jordan retro 11 think the Arena experience probably works better when the players who are participating are the ones who really enjoy it. This is in contrast to say our raiding model where Ray Ban Sunglasses we are actively trying to encourage a lot of players to raid. The goal for Arena is for it to be really fun for the players who do enjoy Arena.

We think emphasizing Battlegrounds in Cataclysm will do a lot for the players who like PvP but don't like Arenas, and to be honest, the players still doing Arenas then might very well have more fun as a result. (Source)

Rogue (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Rogue damage distribution and burst
That's the risk, but from a broader perspective you're identifying the problem: more damage on specials is more fun and generally requires more skill than lots of damage from auto attacking, but can lead to more burst. That doesn't mean that tons of damage from auto attacking is a desired goal though. Neither extreme is fun.

In Cataclysm, when health pools are much higher, then burst as a PvP strategy just isn't going to have the same strength it does now. In LK you can get someone close to death in a few globals, and in fact you need to, because if you don't the healer is going to have them back to full again. In Cataclysm, sustained damage even in PvP will be more meaningful, because you're trying to shift someone's health towards an endpoint instead of flipping them from 100% to 0%. It should feel more like a tug of war over health. In that environment, burst can still be good for when you need to actually get that killing blow, but it won't be the only strategy.

Rogue burst is also scary today because they can deliver it while a target is chain stunned. We've also said that's not a particularly fun place to be (for attacker or defender) and we need to shift rogue defenses away from short-duration immunities (which includes the stuns) and more towards being able to stand toe to toe with other classes a little better. (Source)

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