Lich King 25 Heroic World First Kill by Paragon

Lich King 25 Heroic World First Kill by Paragon
Paragon was the first guild in the world to defeat the Lich King in 25-Heroic mode! The 5% buff was used and it definitely confirms that guilds do not need the 10% version to kill him. (As long as they're that good, I guess)

The Lich King dropped Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Silver-Hand, Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas, and of course oakley womens sunglasses Invincible's Reins, which makes them the first guild to get the Invincible flying mount! (The mount is a 100% drop from the Lich King in 25-Heroic)

<div Cheap MLB Jerseys align=”center”>Raid Composition

  • Check Raid Composition on Raidcomp
  • 3 x Death Knight – 2 x Frost, 1 x Unholy
  • 4 x Druid – 1 x Feral Tank, 2 x Feral DPS, 1 x Balance
  • 2 x Hunter – 2 x Marksmanship
  • 5 x Paladin – 1 x Protection, 2 x Holy, 2 x Retribution
  • 3 x Priest – 1 x Shadow, 1 x Holy, 1 x Discipline
  • 3 x cheap jordans for sale Rogue – 1 x Mutilate, 2 x Combat
  • 1 x Shaman – 1 x Restoration
  • 3 x Warlock – 1 x Demonology, 2 x Affliction
  • 1 x <img src="" alt="" border="0" oakley outlet /> Warrior – 1 x Fury

3.3.3a Fast Patch
The patch notes for the patch deployed earlier today are now available.

Quote from: Nethaera (Source)
Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where players could disconnect upon leveling.
  • Fixed an issue in which players could get stuck at the loading Wholesale Jerseys screen when utilizing a portal to Dalaran.

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