Eyonix leaves Blizzard

Eyonix leaves Blizzard
A couple of minutes ago, Eyonix announced he would leave the Community Team and Blizzard to explore other opportunities. I don't think we can do anything more than wish him good luck.

I usually do not share personal opinions in news posts but I'll make an exception and say one thing: Damn. That sucks.

Quote from: Eyonix (Source)
For nearly six years, we've shared our thoughts with one and other, we've laughed, we've argued, and we've cried — the crying part was just me wasn't it? Those times, I'm afraid must come to an end as I've made the decision to explore opportunities outside of Blizzard.

It has very honestly been a huge pleasure, and I thank you all for allowing 'Eyonix' to always remain a very fond memory as I move on.