Love is in The Air – Apothecary Trio

Love is de in The Air – Apothecary Trio
The Love is in the Air world event just wholesale nfl jerseys started and tons of stuff have been added throwback jerseys to Wholesale NFL Jerseys the event this year! The most interesting change is the addition of 3 bosses in Shadowfang Keep, for a headless-horseman like daily quest.

All you have to do to fight them is oakley sunglasses cheap go to Shadowfang Keep in the Silverpine Forest.

Loot Table

ilvl Type Spec Slot Item
226 Misc. Spell MP5 Neck Winking Eye of Love
226 Misc. Spell Neck Heartbreak Charm
226 Misc. Tank Neck Shard of Pirouetting Happiness
226 Misc. Phys.DPS Neck Sweet Perfume Broach
226 Misc. Melee.DPS Neck Choker of the Pure Heart
1 Misc. Misc. Head Forever-Lovely Rose
1 Misc. Misc. Head Vile Fumigator’s Mask
1 Misc. Misc. Pet <a href="" cheap nhl jerseys class=”item3″>Toxic Wasteling
1 Misc. Misc. Misc. The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker on use effect just makes your character cry. The Toxic Wasteling seems to have a couple of abilities and might be an interesting pet!

According to the Big Love Rocket achievement, Apothecary Hummel also drops the Big Love Rocket Mount


Apothecary Baxter

<table bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="700px" class="sortable" border="0" NFL Jerseys Cheap cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”1″ style=”border: 1px solid #96BC27;margin:auto”>

Irresistible Cologne Inflicts 1620 to 1980 Nature damage to nearby enemies every second.
5 yds. Instant Chain Reaction Inflicts 8550 to 9450 Fire damage to nearby enemies.
5 yds. 30 sec cast Irresistible Cologne Spray 3150 to 3850 Nature damage inflicted every 1.0 sec to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
5 yds. Instant
Apothecary Hummel
Alluring Perfume Inflicts 1620 to 1980 Nature damage every second.
5 yds. Instant
Alluring Perfume Spray 3150 to 3850 Nature damage inflicted every 1.0 sec to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
5 yds. Instant
Chain Reaction Inflicts 8550 to 9450 Fire damage to nearby enemies.
5 yds. 30 sec cast
Apothecary Frye
Lingering Fumes Tosses vials of perfume or cologne around the caster. Caster cannot be controlled.
15 yds. Instant
Crazed Apothecary (Add)
Unstable Reaction Inflicts 2375 to 2625 Nature damage to nearby enemies, but kills the caster.
6 yds. Instant

The fight might be confusing the first time but isn't that hard (to give you an idea, I could heal it without too much problem with a rare-geared shaman alt that I rarely play).

The Standard Apothecary Serving Kit contains two potions :

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