Patch 3.3.3 – Build 11573

Important – This news post will be updated multiple times in the next hours! Stay tuned! There is a lot more Patch 3.3.3 info coming!

Update #7 – Added the new model of Mekkatorque and Vol'jin.
Update #6 – Added a small info on the two new mounts,
Update #5 – A few more details on the Ruby Sanctum from Zarhym

Gnomeregan will be recaptured before Cataclysm!
A couple of very very very interesting achievements were added to the game files with this patch. I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional but …

  • Gnomecoming King – You assisted High Tinker Mekkatorque and the Gnomeregan Exiles in the recapture of Gnomeregan's surface.
  • Gnomecoming Queen – You assisted High Tinker Mekkatorque and the Gnomeregan Exiles in the recapture of Gnomeregan's surface.

Apparently, parts of the pre-Cataclysm event have been deployed in this patch and retaking Gnomeregan will be part of it!

Blizzard didn't forget about Cheap Jerseys horde players, it looks like Trolls will play a big part in the pre-Cataclysm event for the Horde :

New taxi nodes

  • Durotar – ET Cheap Ray Bans – CC Prologue Troll Taxi Bat Start (#438)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue Troll Recruit End (#439)
  • Durotar – ET – CC Prologue – Troll Battle End (#440)

After going through the patch files I found a couple of extra spells that might be related to the event, see the spell comparison part of the new. Also, both Vol'jin and Mekkatorque had their appearance updated.

New Models
A few extra models have been added with this patch.

  • Two new mounts, the Blazing Hippogryph and the Wooly White Rhino. Important – For the moment, both mounts are TCG rewards but it could change in the future if we consider that UDE and Blizzard aren't working together anymore. We'll probably hear from the blues oakley sunglasses sale about that at some point.
  • An updated model for Anduin Wrynn, the son of Varian Wrynn!

Spell Comparison
So far it looks like the patch notes were accurate and I couldn't notice any new class change when comparing spells tooltips. I won't list them another time just to avoid Hacked confusion, the patch notes are fine.

Quote from Blizzard staff
New Mounts

  • Wooly White Rhino – Summons and dismisses a rideable White Wooly Kodo.  This oakley outlet is a very fast mount.
  • Blazing Hippogryph – Summons and dismisses a rideable Blazing Hippogryph.  This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location.

New Pets

Ruby Sanctum Loot

Potentially Pre Cataclysm Event

  • Motivate – Motivates a Gnome Citizen to enlist. / 20 yd range, Instant, 3 sec cooldown
  • Place Poster – Place a warning poster near one of the green markers in the Valley of Strength. / 10 yd range, 1 sec cast
  • Place Poster – Place a warning poster near a green marker in Stormwind. / 10 yd range, 1 sec cast
  • Cult Disguise – Disguise yourself as a member of the new Orgrimmar doomsday cult. / Instant
  • Doomsday Messenger – Wear a large board emblazoned with a message about the impending end of the world. / Instant
  • <a cheap jordans online href=””>Hydrodynamic Flippers – Swim speed increased by 200%. / Instant
  • Brilliant Tactics – For Gnomeregan! / 80 yd range, Instant
  • Boon of the Loa – For the Darkspear! / 80 yd range, Instant
  • Gnomeregan Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak. / Instant, 1 sec cooldown
  • Orgrimmar Overcloak – Right Click to don a cosmetic cloak. Will cover the appearance but not the effect of any existing cloak. / Instant, 1 sec cooldown
  • Attune – Attune the captured frog to Vanira's sight at Vanira's Sentry Totem. / 10 yd range, 1 sec cast
  • Frogs Away! – Toss one of Vanira's attuned frogs at one of the illuminated locations on the Echo Isles. Only works when riding a bat. / 100 yd range, Instant
  • Vol'jin's War Drums – Play Vol'jin's War Drums to recruit Troll Citizens to the cause of retaking the / 10 yd range, 1 sec cast

Ruby Sanctum
The new Ruby Sanctum raid instance IS NOT PART OF PATCH Ring]. 3.3.3 but a beta version of the map and the loading screen are already here.

Zarhym also posted a few more details on the instance and the loot you will find here.

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)
  • Number 2. The lieutenants are sub-bosses which will each drop an Emblem of Frost. Halion is the main boss. While the jordans for sale activation of Heroic difficulty is different from the Obsidian Sanctum, the overall raid format for the Ruby Sanctum is very comparable.
  • You're likely to find some random pieces of armor on par with Lich King loot, similar to the items Onyxia dropped while Trial of the Crusader was the top-tier raid…

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