Patch 3.3.x = Ruby Sanctum?

Next Raid Encounter will probably be the Ruby Sanctum
There is a nice interview of Tom Chilton (Kalgan) on We learn a couple of new things here, including an almost-confirmed upcoming single-boss raid encounter: The Ruby Sanctum in the Chamber of Aspects under the Wyrmrest Temple.

  • The Dungeon Finder tool might be extended "at the very least" to 10-person raids at some point in the future.
  • The next addition to raid content will probably be a single-boss encounter in the Ruby Sanctum of the Chamber of Aspects. "It’s a little too early to have a lot Cheap Jordans of details on that, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a huge chunk of content. […] I think of it more as an extension of patch 3.3."

They are the two major announcements of the interview, I suggest that you read the full article on if you want to read the rest, there are a couple of interesting commentaries about Wrath of the Lich King's development after the original release and how it will affect Cataclysm.

Quote from: Kalgan (Source)
Making end-level content more approachable has been another big change for the game. It’s easier to get more powerful badge gear, you created the Dungeon Finder tool, etc. I know there’s always been that hardcore versus casual debate that rages on the WOW forums, where some people hate that stuff and some people love it. How do you feel like the general feedback among WOW players has been?

The general feedback has been positive. We definitely plan to keep going in the direction that we’re going right now. We’re really happy with the Dungeon Finder. I’d like to find a way to extend that at Pole]. the very least to 10-person raids at some point in Cheap Jordan Shoes the future. There are a lot of complexities with making that work, but anything we can do to alleviate the annoyances or pains associated with players having to arrange their own groups would be great. Being able to extend that into raiding would be awesome if we could do it.

We also have plans to continue making PvP more accessible also. It’s interesting that in Burning Crusade our raiding game was extremely hardcore, and in a lot of ways the PvP was a lot more casual player-friendly. Through the course of Lich King, those have flipped around. A lot of that is just because of the development in our PvE game. We had really aggressive development in solving the problems that we saw in PvE in Burning Crusade as far as making PvE more accessible and easier to get into and more rewarding. Almost simultaneously, PvP either stayed the same or got more hardcore in some ways.

Those flipped roles in Lich King, and we really want to balance them out better than we have before in Cataclysm. We want to continue to advance on that front with PvE, and fake oakleys with PvP we really want to make sure that it feels better-balanced against PvP as far as how much effort it takes to organize stuff and how much reward you get for your time and effort spent.[/b]

For the final question, there’s been some rumors going around and I wanted to clear them up. You guys have wrapped up the main Lich King storyline. Icecrown is out there, which you guys have said is the final major raid for this expansion. But there are some rumors that there might be another content patch of some sort before Cataclysm releases.

That is a possibility. We can’t say for sure at this point, but we are looking into the possibility of having a boss in the Ruby Sanctum, which is another part of Wyrmrest Temple. It’s a little too early to have a lot of details on that, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a huge chunk of content. It’s not a patch 3.4 or anything.

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