Cataclysm Class Preview Compilation

Cataclysm Class Preview Compilation
The past week has been crazy and I just couldn't report everything on the front page as soon as it was released. However, I don't really like the idea of not reporting information and I went back through all the blue posts from last week to compile all the information released for each class. Blue posters did an amazing job this week and gave tons of details on the changes, you will probably see a lot of new stuff there depending on your class. They are located in their respective forum to make the discussion easier.

If you're wondering how crazy it's been, we had an average of 10 000 forum posts each day for the past week. That's a forum post every 8 Has second, and that's more posts in a single day than during the first 6 months of the website. (And I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly hug the moderators for everything they did this week)

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