Celestial Steed and Lil’XT to be sold in the Blizzard Store

Update – Prices are here!

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  • The Celestial Steed mount costs 20€ (EU Store)/$25 (US Store).
  • The Lil' XT companion pet costs 10€ (EU Store)/$10 (US Store).
  • Celestial Steed and Lil'XT to be sold in the Blizzard Store
    According to the Blizzard store, the Lil' XT companion pet and the Celestial Steed mounts will be available from the Blizzard Store! This is the first time Blizzard sells a mount through the Blizzard store, we don't have the price yet but we can assume we'll hear about it very soon.

    The Celestial Steed seems to scale depending on your existing mounts. If you already have a 310% flying mount, the celestial steed will be a 310% as well. If you don't, it will just be a regular 280% flying mount. (or 150% if you never bought the epic flying skill)

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