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Lil'XT Sounds Hotfix

Quote from: Vaneras (<a href="" Cheap Jordans Sale style=”color: white”>Source)
A hotfix was recently applied, which temporarily disabled some of the sounds Lil’ XT makes.

The issue was that some of his sounds were flagged in such a way that they play for everyone around him and not just the player that owns the pet, an annoying problem to be sure. We can’t alter volume or who the sounds Cheap Jordan Shoes play for Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses through a hotfix so the temporary workaround is to disable them completely right now until the proper fix can be patched in later.

Cataclysm Class Previews – Updated
All the cataclysm class previews posts have been updated on their respective forums. I didn't plan to update them regularly at Cheap Jerseys first but it's a fast and easy way to keep everyone up to date while we wait for the beta. As usual, feel free to discuss the changes on the forums!

Dark Legacy Comic #234 and Teh Gladiators #124 / #125 are out!

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