Paragon World First Lich King HC Kill Video

Update – Paragon released the strategy they used during the fight, check below the video.

Paragon World First Lich King HC Kill Video
Paragon finally released their video Cheap Jordans of the world first kill of the Lich King in 25-Man Heroic mode. Also, For The Horde (EU-Nazjatar) claimed the world 2nd kill of the encounter a few minutes ago! Congratulations to them!

Click the thumbnails on the video for part 2 and part 3


These are the tactics that Paragon used on their first Lich King kill 26.3.2010. That week we had the 5% increased healing/health/damage buff active. Patch 3.3.3 had come out on previous Wednesday. The patch provided dps buffs to some classes Arena (like frost death knight and moonkin) as well as it buffed priest shields and gave the 5% damage bonus to pets.

Basic stats on the encounter:

  • Lich King: 103,9M hitpoints (dies at 10%)
  • Val’kyr Shadowguards: 3M hitpoints
  • Raging Spirits: 4,1M hitpoints
  • Vile Spirits: (blew these up)

The fight has 3 different phases and 2 transition phases + Frostmourne room in the last phase.

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