**Cataclysm** Behind the scenes

**SPOILERS: This post contains spoilers**

Sometime ago I uncovered the behind the scenes for ICC…I hv tried to continue from there. For those who din read it, The main characters hv just beaten LK in ICC and are moving on to nxt problem…..

Location: Silithus

**Sound of lots of portal and people**Jaina, Thrall, Garrosh, Varian, Tirion and Rhonin appear**

Rhonin: Why are we here
Jaina: I have brought us all here to have a meeting about deathwing
Rhonin: Yes jaina, I know that, but why here? !
Jaina: Well, King Varian does’nt wanna go anywhere horde and Garrosh won’t go anywhere alliance without starting another war, so I figured we go to the one place no one would want !

Rhonnin: Ummm, why could’nt we go to dalran, it’s neither alliance nor horde !
Tirion: No Way ! I am not going there, u’ll talk today an I’ll read it tomorrow… I still get 1200 latency there !
Rhonnin: Why not shattrath then?
Jaina: The color of this place really brings out ur hair color Rhonnin !

**Rhonnin is distracted**

Tirion: Ok, so Deathwing has returned. I think it is time for alliance and horde to forget their differences and unite against this evil. We have already proven that my surprisingly long motivational speeches about unity and making you fight each other to prepare for fighting the common enemy, works ! !
Varian: Ummm, Tirion ray ban outlet you do realize that horde and alliance were kinda fighting each other all the way in ICC dud? ! I donno if you’ve heard but there was this gunship…and some shit went down !
Garrosh: The horde does not need help from alliance pigs to fight !

Thrall: Seriously Garrosh !!! This is the last time I am telling you, I am the warchief, I decide wt horde needs not you.
Tirion: Ok…so I think we should build a coliseum and make our heroes fight each other to train them.

Varian: Umm not too big on this coliseum idea. Seems like something just done for the hell of it at the very last minute…kinda reminds you of that very horny Friday nite, wn ur out all nite, tryin hard to pick up and in the end you just go home an hv a wank for consolation !

Thrall: What do you think we should do Jaina

**Garrosh rolling eyes**

Jaina: I don’t think we can contain this evil on our own ! We will need more numbers to find a dragon aspect ! We might need to “expand the horde and alliance”
Garrosh: the horde will never join with the alliance.

**Thrall deep Sigh**

Thrall: Garrosh, expand does not mean join even in Orcish..Just try to be quiet for a few minutes dude !
Tirion: What do you mean Jaina?
Jaina: I think Fake Ray Bans it is time to let some new races join the horde and alliance !

Tirion: But the new races will have to be trained up and all….and I kinda hv a feeling that after living ina hole in the ground for so long, deathwing wld be pretty pissed, so time might be a factor !
Garrosh: Don’t worry abt that. Wn we let Blood Elfs in, we thought the same way!! 4 weeks later I wanted to punch a troll everytime I saw a blood elf !

Varian: why do we hv to let new races in. It’s just a dragon aspect ! Din I read somewhere 25 dudes beat malygos !
Garrosh: Yeah..why do we need to let new races in? Shd’nt we instead be cutting down the useless races like…
Thrall: GArrooosshh !!

Jaina: Deathwing is mad my king, we can’t fight him as we are!
Varian: Ummm…pretty sure malygos was mad too but meh !

Thrall: I think it’s a good idea jaina. I will take the next boat to some random island in the sea. I kno the odds of finding people on a random island in the middle of nowhere are pretttty slim but I’ll do it for you.
Jaina: Umm Thrall, It’s not about us…it’s about deathwing.

Thrall: It will be about us one day Jaina….soon
Garrosh: If you leave you will have to appoint a new warchief ! The horde needs strong, smart, sensible leadership in these times !

Thrall: Ok…I name Cairne as leader !
Garrosh: Umm, you can’t make him leader.*mumbling* If he finds out about the secret steak supply….
Thrall: What steak??
Garrosh:I mean Cairne is not a warrior, he’s a druid. They are the biggest tree huggers in azeroth, do you really think he can lead in war times??

Thrall: Ok Vol’Jin then
Garrosh: Trolls dnt even hv their own city…seriously so orcs build org and then hand it to trolls. How does that wrk…there’ll be a rebellion ! Tolls in general hv a very bad rep too ! Do u nvr follo trade chat !

Thrall: sylvanas then.
Varian: If that traitor becomes the warchief, I am declaring war on the horde rite now. I hv’nt forgotten wrathgate.
Jaina: quiet my king !

**Varian becomes quiet, thrall eyes Jaina and Varian suspiciously**

Thrall: Ok then Lor’themar Theron !
Tirion: Who’s that?
Garrosh:so we leave the leadership to a blood elf ! Nice…deathwing wld hv destroyed the whole world in the time it takes for him to do his hair. We need someone calm, composed, who calculates his every move, who thinks Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses before he talks, who is the image of strength, maturity and honor !

Thrall:Who are you talking abt garrosh!
Garrosh: Who else?
Thrall: Who?

Garrosh: ME warchief !
Thrall: Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha……..

**Garrosh looks pissed**

Thrall: Oh ur serious…oh hmmm
Garrosh: I will lead the horde to victory warchief !
Thrall: Ok..I guess I will be in the middle of the ocean somewhere so, I think it only makes sense that u should be the warchief.
Tirion: Really? Him?
Thrall: Yes

Varian: Did you Cheap Jerseys consider basic Campfire?

Thrall: Hmmm… *lost in deep thoughts*

Garrosh: I will not disappoint you warchief….I will lead the horde to glory !!
Thrall: Garrosh…I declare you the temporary new warchief of the Horde !
Garrosh: Lok’tar ! Ok so Thrall I need to hv a word with you abt the org building.
Thrall: Thrall ! !

Garrosh: Ummm well technically, I am kinda the warchief….you know I am just following the rules here !
Thrall: Very well…I must now go to my ship, on my lonely, long journey to find a secluded island in cheap jordan shoes the middle of nowhere…if someone wants to join me…I’ll be waiting on the Theramore port…

**Jaina sly looking**

Garrosh: Later dude, take care…dnt worry abt a thing, I got ur back Workshops !
Thrall: Ummm…sure dude **staring at jaina**

Garrosh: I will build a strong powerful horde and to start things off I will rebuild org and need to make sm more room in org too, cld make vip areas and to prepare our troops….**ranting off**
**Thrall still staring at jaina**

Tirion: I hope you know what ur doing thrall !
**Thrall still staring at Jaina**

Varian: This dog is not fit to lead the horde Thrall **Pulls out his swords**
**Garrosh and Varian in a dual, the weapons hit each other with violent noise**
**Thrall still staring….**

**Suddenly Rhonnin turns around. The shimmer and sheen of Rhonnin’s hair breaks Thrall’s concentration**

Thrall: Garrosh stop !
Jaina: My King…stop !

*Fighting stops**

Garrosh: Umm ok I dnt wanna be the arse here but it’s warchief garrosh !
Thrall: Sigh, port me Jaina, now Cheap Jordan Sale he’s the entire azeroth’s problem !

**Jaina makes a port, Thrall goes away**

Rhonnin: Gratz garrosh !
Garrosh: Warchief !!
Tirion: So we will be recruiting more races, wt other ideas do we hv Jaina

**Jaina looking distractedly at her watch**

Jaina: Rhonin might have some ideas…
Rhonin: I hv tons of ideas jaina, u’ll hv to be a bit more specific wt kind of ideas ur after !
Jaina: Ummm….why are we here?
Rhonnin: Cause deathnwing…oooo oh, oh, ok…..that idea…hmmm. Did anyone figure out how deathwing got out actally?
Jaina: No

Tirion: I hv been asking myself that question for a long time…
Varian: we found out abt deathwing getting out abt 20min ago dude, how hv u been askin urslf that for a long time ! Try less dramatic dude.
Jaina: Cld it hv been a setbk?

Garrosh: No, we hv had too many setbcks…coliseum, redone naxx,occ, eoe, gearscore, coliseum again….99% of the deathknights ! I think I am missing a setbk but can’t quite think of it….I Cheap Jerseys m sure I hv read abt it…but ppl dnt really talk abt it at all, so hard to remember !
Varian: I am surprised u remember how to walk and dnt just fall and smash ur face !
Jaina: My king !
Garrosh: I think I kno how deathwing got out !
Tirion: How??

Garrosh: That dwarf..branz bronzebeard set him free !
Jaina: How can u say that !
Garrosh: Do u kno anyone else in azeroth who goes around digging strange and dangerous looking places for lulz? Everytime that guy shows up, he’s dug smthing up an now he needs help to put it bk !
Jaina: Hmmm
Tirion: It is possible, Branzz has a bad habit of getting pissed an bumpin around strange places !
Garrosh: First the an alliance becomes lich king then they help free deathwing…..this is rascism, why are’nt any great evil names goin to the horde.

Rhonin: ur on ur way bud…dnt sweat…give it a few mnths..
**The sky turns bright, grass begins to grow where they stand…sound of portal..Malfurion appears**
**Malfurion and Rhonin stare at each other, two invincible powers, two men who make way through fire, water and wind while still maintaining an impeccable hair style, two men who stare evil in the eye and still pick the perfect cologne, two legends of azeroth…face to face…**

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