Elemetal PvP Questions

Hey I’ve recently started to pvp with a Elemental shaman, and I was looking on forums to try and learn more.
I’ve seen a few forums mention key Ojeda ways to get away Ray Ban Outlet from specific classes / situations.
One of the methods I see mentioned is "Stoneclaw Sheild" which involves Stonclaw totem ….. Now I’ve never PvP’ed before. Just Cheap Jerseys From China pve so I dont see what this really does. I know it Taunts a mob(s) when you drop it. But I dont see a use for this in pvp. The situation where it was used was when a warrior lolstormed, ……again I dont see how this helps…

Here is the post

They’ll almost always open up with a Charge. When cheap nfl jerseys they do immediately Thunderstorm. They’ll usually blow custom jerseys Intercept to get right back to you and that’s a good thing. Earthbind root when you get out of the stuns. If at this point they use Bladestorm, slam down (((Stoneclaw)) and spam heal yourself to tank through the damage. If you have Hamstring on yourself you wont be cheap nba jerseys able to get away. Start kiting with Freedom Wolf when Bladestorm is over. When the warrior starts to turtle up try to juke casts and force him to use Spell Reflect. Wind Shear that off and continue rooting, TSing off Hundred cooldown, and dpsing as they try to tank you down. Be sure to use the ((Stoneclaw shield)) as much as possible to mitigate cheap ray ban sungalsses damage.

Is there jordan retro 11 something I Cheap NFL Jerseys dont understand about this totem in pvp ? I’m assumeing there is. But can someone please explain ?


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