Everything we know about Rated BG’s so far?


-Player vs. Player
Rated SuperGirl Battlegrounds
We keep a lot of players in mind when designing these types of things which is why we want to make it easily accessible. The guild you are listed in has a rather large number of people and the guild leveling/achievement system will help support this. Being in a guild like this, it likely won’t be difficult to find a few guildies to put together a team and hop in the rated BG queue. There will still be non-rated BGs much like they are today if that suits you better.

-There likely won’t be detriments for losing rated BG games, but the increase of rating for winning. (At least when you first get going in them). Yes, you need to win to get rewards. Rated BGs aren’t meant to be a way to just casually and aimlessly get Fake Oakleys the best PvP gear in the game, but to reward those who compete (and win) on the grand scale of battlegrounds. (Source)

-Joining Rated Battlegrounds
This was just mentioned above, but I’ll reiterate just for the sake of it. You need to be in a full group to join the rated BG queue. The team can change every week, between every match, whenever you like. The rating you receive is personal and not team-based so it doesn’t matter who else is in the group. (Source)

-Rated battlegrounds are designed Cheap Jordans to give you the exact same type of gear that you can earn through doing arenas but through a battleground environment. The idea is that you don’t need a permanent team as you do in arenas, cheap authentic jordans but you do need a premade team.

If the rated BG that week was WSG; then you just need to queue with 9 other people. You could change out those people for each match since you earn rating on an individual basis.

The rating gate (since you don’t ever lose rating) will basically be your ability to get 9, 14, or 24 other people who want to play with you. Shouldn’t be a huge issue when everybody first gets to 85 but a few months in you’ll see stuff like you do today with ToC raids (5700+ gearscore mandated)

-This was just mentioned above, but I’ll reiterate just for the sake of it. You need to be in a full group to join the rated BG queue. The team can change every week, between every match, whenever you like. The rating you receive is personal and not team-based so it doesn’t matter who else is in the group.

Add more Rated BG info if i missed them.

So it looks like we’re all going to have personal ratings based on our rated teams Sağlığı success. it also looks like they are pushing their new guild incentives with a expectation guilds will que for their guild perks. Cheap NFL Jerseys Everyone else is sort of a every man for himself boat when it comes to finding a team.

Imo team stacking will be the basis of most servers teams. it may end up very similar to HWL climb since each server’s top players per faction will probably stack into 2-3 teams of the top players. that is if gear isn’t a huge factor where Raiders that pvp, or Arena players if they get the gear faster, will be the first ones sought after to stack. seems to be a lot of conditions based on how well blizzard can oakley outlet do their itemization somewhat evenly in Cata, but thats more a pipe dream. We know they’re really really terrible at keeping itemization lvls somewhat even between different activities. i’m thinking high end Raiders that PvP will benefit the most since they still plan on keeping top tier gear for high end raiders only, which may end up what dictates being invited to top teams, or the success of rated BG teams by and large.

the only people i really feel sorry for here is the casual pug’er that IMO is going to have a very difficult time getting on a competent team, and/or staying there. they won’t have the gear Ray Ban Sunglasses to get on most teams in the context of the ‘arm’s race’. only fly by night guilds will probably let them be a part of the guild wihtout logging on much, let alone just bg’ing when they do. and if they or anyone around that lvl of play tries to start their own it will breakup after their first loss with way more bitching and moaning than is worth trying to run one.


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