Gaming rig!

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140sc


1 x Intel Core i7 860 ( Quad-Core )

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 with 1.8 GB video memory

Microsoft ray ban outlet Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition

Will работы this do? For high end gaming, as in BFBC2 on full graphic, and incoming games for atleast the next year? I mean i really like this PC, it has 2TB memory, and it has a good price for what you’re getting… Also..

Intel Core i7 860,8GB,2000GB,GeForce GTX260 1,8GB,BLU-RAY/DVD±RW, W7 Home 64bit does the blu ray in the text there mean that it’s blu ray player in it? and alsoo last but not least

Is Fake Ray Bans this a gamer pc or hd-filming hobby center <.<? I need Cheap Oakleys to know before the purchase!!! Please help, sorry if i suck at cutting up text, i Cheap Ray Bans know it looks f’ed up!
Thanks in advance!


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