Just a short question..

Hey what’s up.
I’ve been playing since EU release,and after so much time spent lurking I’ve actually decided to register a join this amazing community!
So,I’m a bit outdated lately,as regards blue posts and the Ray Ban sale like,because I’ve stopped playing Wow for a while.
Therefore,since my account is frozen,is this condition going to hinder my chances of partecipating the beta? I’ve ray ban sunglasses sale already done the opt in process,and it was successful ( I Joined the sc2 beta).
But I remember ,from the wotlk and tbc beta, that people werent selected el if their account wasn’t active. Has anything changed since then? Has a blizzard poster addressed this issue?
Thanks in advance,and mind,I’ve certainly done some grammar horror here and there,because I’m not a native speaker :V. Just beggin for forgiveness for butchering your language!
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