The weirdest thing happen while playing WoW

So i’ve been thinking. whats the weirdes thing to happen to you while playing WoW?
it could be anything from real life situations to ingame moments.

Not to sure if i can clasify this under funny or creepy but.
One jordans for cheap day back in BC i was oakley sunglasses cheap in this guild, it was late at night and i decided to see what everyone was doing on vent so i hop on vent and go to the channel i seen the GM and another player in.
i enter the channel and they were talking some weird shit like how they should meet up with eachother and other crazy stuff… your wondering how this is creepy i bet, well its simple.
the GM was a 30 year old man or around there meanwhile the player he was talking to was a 14 year old girl…
i questioned what was going on and all of a cheap Oakleys sunglasses sudden dead silence.. he then left the vent and whispered me in game not to mention what i had heard to anyone.

btw where the hell was Chris Hanson when we needed him?

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