vBulletin Migration, Cataclysm Screenshots, Blue posts

Migration to Баттлграунды vBulletin oakley outlet – We’re alive !
Now that the Cheap Jordan Shoes migration is behind us I figured it could be a good time to give you a few more details on what just happened with the site.

MMO-Champion has Cheap Oakleys been running on (SMF) since day 1, it’s a great forum software and I would still recommend it to anyone who wants to start a guild site. Sadly, we reached a point where there is so many people visiting Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses MMO-Champion that it was just faster to move to vBulletin cheap nba jerseys because of the tons of options and extra features. It never seemed to be urgent and we kept postponing the migration, again and again.

Last week, we eventually realized that the beta of Cataclysm

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