Vol’jin Calls for Zalazane’s Fall

Vol’jin Calls for Zalazane's Fall

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)
Not to be outdone by High Tinker Mekkatorque's showing of gnomish pride in calling for Operation: Gnomeregan to commence, High Chieftain Vol'jin of the Darkspear Tribe has announced his intention to see Witch Doctor Zalazane fall once and for all. With full backing from Thrall, the Darkspears have begun a series of ceremonies in Sen’jin Village while preparing to seize the Echo Isles and free them from the lingering dark voodoo of Zalazane's hexed followers.

We now bring you breaking reports of the Sen'jin ritualistic arrangements for seizing the Echo Isles – http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/3p9/echoisles2.xml

Operation: Gnomeregan – http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/3p9/gnomeregan2.xml

"Zalazane Must Fall!" Cries Vol'jin

Quote from: Blizzard (Source)
Embedded on the coast of Durotar, the tiny troll Village of Sen'jin is bursting with recent activity. In what some claim is a retort to the overblown assertions of the vertically-challenged High Tinker Mekkatorque, Troll Chieftain Vol'jin has announced his intention to "honor de ancestors n' take back da 'omeland, mon." The call has been given, and the scattered Darkspear tribe has begun to gather at the once-sleepy location. Now the primal rhythm of beating drums and strange clouds of acrid smoke drift aloft deep into the night, arguably a sign of celebration and preparation for an impending offensive.

With the full support of Thrall and his counterparts, Vol'jin is calling upon all factions of the Horde to prepare for Cheap Jerseys From China an assault on Echo Isles and the twisted witch doctor Zalazane. He will pay for his crimes against the Darkspears and the land bestowed upon them by Thrall! As explained by Vol'jin in the demand for Zalazane's fall today, honorable members of the Horde passing through the village proper — whether they've never slain a boar in their lives or are the subject of every dragon's nightmare — oakley outlet will be given a chance to help their upstanding troll brothers in what will surely be the most brutal of attacks. But first there must be preparation. With the Echo Isles on the line, no detail is too small, no spoken word too trivial. And for that reason the noted troll shaman, Vanira, will get adventurers started on the monumental tasks ahead.

Using sacred totemic rituals, Vanira needs frogs for her agenda. It is unclear of her exact intentions with these amphibious lurkers of Sen'jin, but there appears to be a bat handler standing by. Could it be that frogs will soon rain down from the heavens upon the Echo cheap jerseys Isles? When asked for further comment, Vanira only remarked that she's seeking "da perfect spies." It seems war is sometimes won with even the most unlikely of arsenals. Spying on the enemy, however, is only the beginning. Vol'jin has spoken of a most-trusted oakley sunglasses cheap trainer of reinforcements, Champion Uru'zin, who will guide new recruits of all ranges of experience into battle-hardened Darkspear warriors. "Trollin' for volunteers," as Vol'jin remarked, will be a key Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses component to building a strike force capable of overthrowing Zalazane's hexed Darkspears.

Vol'jin argues that the spirits are on the side of his Darkspear tribe. Can animistic beliefs truly manifest into proven battle leverage against Zalazane? Perhaps only Vanira and her beguiled spies can answer this. But it is rumored that, long ago, a tribe of troll druids once called the Echo Isles home. If ever there was a time for good omens such as this, it is now. Only if the spirits truly are on the side of the son of Sen'jin, reportedly only a phenomenon that Witch Doctor Hez'tok can decipher, then the assault will commence! Those who assist Hez'tok in his ceremony will be adorned with Darkspear Pride, allowing adventurers the ability to take on the form of an elite Darkspear Warrior during battle. Wearing such battle garb is an honor to the ancestors of a people long persecuted and plagued by war between tribes.

Should the spirits give their blessing to Vol'jin, Champion Uru'zin will call for all seasoned veterans of the Horde levels 75-80 to aid in the attack. If "at last, everythin' be ready," as Vol'jin put it, his plan is to launch a full assault from the shores of Sen'jin village. Vol'jin exclaimed in his call for such an assault today, "come, now! Join in de liberation of de Echo Isles! Zalazane will fall!" He's gone so far as to offer a particularly rare Sen'jin Overcloak to those who help bring Zalazane down. Even still, sources report that this foe possesses powerful voodoo and black magic.

Preparations for Zalazane's fall are underway, but will it be enough to best this witch doctor? It's time, proud members of the Horde, to stand with your disaffected troll brethren and recognize the full might of the Darkspear tribe!

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