Warriors in Cataclysm – some fresh news

I guess it’s not NDA breaking, since it comes from the Press Event of last week, and its NDA was lifted.
If it IS under NDA, then i’m sorry, and i guess mods should feel free to delete my thread (but dont ban me plz :p)

Credits to the OP of this topic : http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/…nds-On-Preview
Source : http://www.worldofraids.com/ : "This is not an official preview; I only have this information because I attended the Cataclysm лолодинов press event. These classes are still very much a work in progress."


"Warrior Changes

The only other class I found that had even remotely significant talent changes was the Warrior class, so I played that for a bit next and ended up doing a larger portion of the questing with that class, since… well, I had all of my talent points. Plus I have a Warrior on live so I was comfortable enough with the gameplay so that cheap nba jerseys I could jump right in and start questing. The talent trees seemed less implemented than Death Knights, though.


These jordan retro 11 are level 80 values Cheap Jordans where I mention numbers.

ray ban sale * Heroic Strike – Now an instant attack that costs 10 rage. It consumes up to an additional 20 rage to deal extra damage. Almost an exact replica of Execute, which seems Fake Oakleys odd.
* Cleave – Now an instant attack similar to Heroic Strike. Hits target and nearest ally.
* Thunder Clap – Base slow increased to 20%.
* Battle Shout – Now generates 10 rage and increases strength and agility of party members by 155. 1 min cooldown, 2 min duration (shared with Commanding Shout).
* Commanding Shout – Now generates 10 rage and increases party / raid member stamina by 165. 1 min cooldown, 2 min duration (shared with Battle Shout).
* Demoralizing Shout – Now reduces physical damage caused by 10% for 30 sec.
* Sunder Armor – Now only stacks 3 times.
* Whirlwind hits unlimited targets for 54% weapon damage.



* Weapon spec talents have been removed.
* Impale – Now a tier-2 talent.
* Deep Wounds – Now a tier-2 talent.
* Wrecking Crew – Now a Cheap Oakleys tier-5 talent.
* Disarming Glare – New tier-6 talent, 2 ranks, Disarm also causes the target to cower in fear.
* Blitz – New tier-7 talent, 2 ranks, causes your Charge to stun 1/2 additional targets.
* Improved Slam – Now a tier-10 talent.


* Cruelty – Redesigned. Now increases crit chance of Victory Rush, Slam and Bloodthirst by 5/10%.
* Enrage – Now a tier-2 talent.
* Impending Victory – New tier-2 talent, 2 ranks, Heroic Strike, Slam and Bloodthirst have a chance to allow the use of Victory Rush.
* modelo Dual Wield Specialization – Now a tier-3 talent.
* Precision – Now a tier-3 talent.
* Relentless Bloodrage – New tier-3 talent, 2 ranks, Increases the duration of Bloodrage. Note: Tooltip was bugged but duration at 2/2 was 40.2 sec.
* Fury in the Blood – New tier-4 talent, 5 ranks, increases damage caused by 2% per rank while Bloodrage is active.
* Improved Berserker Rage – Now a tier-10 talent.
* Single-Minded Fury – New tier-11 talent, 1 rank, increases damage by 20% when dual wielding one-handed weapons and causes Cleave and wholesale nfl jerseys Slam to hit with both weapons.


* Improved Defensive Stance – Now a tier-2 talent.
* One-Handed Weapon Specialization – Now a tier-4 talent.
* Critical Block – Now a tier-5 talent.
* Sweep and Clear – New tier-6 talent, 3 ranks, damaging abilities generate 1 rage for every extra target they hit, up to a maximum amount of rage.
* Safeguard – Now also provides crit immunity at 2/2.
* Improved Disciplines – Now a tier-9 talent.

Alright, Cheap NFL Jerseys that’s it for the classes I actually played. I did log on some others to see if their talents were implemented, so here’s some general changes."

Well, i guess that the warrior tree that leaked from wowtal.com was true afterall ? 🙂
Not a lot of changes so far. Hoping to see more exciting stuff in next builds !

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