Will blizz make a boss that hard again ?

Im wondering will blizz make a boss as hard as the one in vanila ( aka C’thun , Kel’thuzad 40 man ofc ) ?
I know that they were mostly hard cuz Cheap Oakleys gear was hard to obtain trial hard to gear up took 1 hour to recover after wipe you were tierd raiding a full day 24/24 on one boss and DBM / Bigwing werent there
But would you like if there was a boss just like that in Cata ?
Lets say for exempel nowdays LK que hm 25 with 120milion hp + 1 more val’kyr , a -3% healing debuff on tank when he hits , harder p3 with more spirit…. etc so to short things out a boss that you wont be abel to down til ur BiS geard and know the fight like the back of your hand
Would you like that kind off end-expansion , end-patch bosses ?
I for one would love to see a boss that actualy remains undownabel even the next expansion without a propper raid ( atleast 25 ppl with 2-3 healer and 1 tank not dps to tank 😛 )
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