Cataclysm Guild Talents & Items

I dont understand why blizzard felt they needed to remove choice from the perk system for guilds, having a talent tree that would eventually cover every talent would seem to be a fun way to give your guild some direction before its "level capped", I understand the reasoning behind not having EXTRA talent points that cant be chosen, though, but oh well.

But now seeing that "Guild items", arent bound to the guild… seems to contradict the very effect I was hoping for.
In fact, I cant really come up with a rationale to make guild-specific items that doesnt end up detrimental to the game.

A) They cant be levelling crutches, or Wholesale nfl Jerseys the "guild investment" prerequisite will render them ineffective.
B) They cant be too worthwhile for endgame, because of the same rationale as the talent tree removal "blizzard doesnt want to ‘force’ players to have to join a different guild"
C) If they’re worthwhile at all, say as a stepping stone to progression raiding… then the guild itself simply becomes a stepping stone ala BC tier raiding (or some sort of craziness where guild invites start being sold over tradechat)

I’m hoping blizzard proves me wrong here, but without a guildbound component, I dont see Oakleys sunglasses Outlet the benefit behind this implementation.
I’ve never had any issues gearing up dedicated/committed members of a guild. The issue I do have is giving NEW members/players the leg up while having a safety net incase they decide to bail the next day.

I’m glad guilds are finally getting some attention, but release is still a ways off, and Blizzard rarely adds to the bulletpoints, only removes…. and we’re running out of bullets.

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