[Resto] Need to be ICC 25 hc ready

Heya folks!

So i applied to a very good guild, and they are on 9/12 25 hc. Truth to be told, this char has been in hybernation for ages and I’ve just brought him out of it. My tank was geared enough, but they are full on those, but need a resto shamman. I picked up the challenge and desided to gear him asap zulu and see how far i’ll get in a short period of time.

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh…n&cn=Aranthaur

I’ve desided to waste(total waste since it will be replaced fast, but meh, its worth every penny for the "get ready asap"-progress) 8.5k gold on BoE sexy ilvl264 legs, feet and belt. I’ve ran heroics like there’s no tomorrow to farm triumphs and get what i could. I also joined every pug i ray ban outlet could to get the most out of my saves.

I will be getting T9 head (for the 4p bonus, can’t say "No" to +5% crit on CH) and will craft 245 bracers this week. I jumped from 4.3k GS to 5.1 (flirting with 5.2) in one week.

I will be attending their "off-run" to icc10 hc and I’m wondering if im geared enough to pull it off smoothly. Also, how far am I off from being just on the edge to be able to heal ICC25 hc?
Can’t find any guides on stat requirement for a resto shaman in ICC 25 hc. Surely, you can heal with whatever, but its a question of how well you heal.

Any predictions (assuming im pro skillwise) on how well i might perform with the current (or described above) setup in ICC25 hc?

I will appretiate any constructive critisism and reflections on the subject. Thank you 🙂

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