Solving continuity issues with Outland and Northrend come Cataclysm.

Seems Blizzard is not going to make an effort to fit Outland and Cheap Jordan Sale Northrend in with the storyline even though in my opinion there’s an elegant solution.

Imagine that once you hit level 55 (or 58 or around this number) you visit your class trainer. He tells you that in order to further improve your skills you have to travel back in time. You do an relatively simple questline that takes you to Caverns of Time.
There you get the quest and a special item that allows you to travel to the past in Outland. The item is something like the Northrend Wormhole generator. At first you can only port to one spot in BC (stairs at the gate I suppose). But when you discover Outland more portal options are added to it (say the inns once you discover them).
This way you could Ray Ban sale get back to the normal world using your hearthstone, and use the special item to travel back in time and do you stuff there.
This would make more sense and be more elegant than Outland just being there. Make it feel like you travel to a different continuum.

Again at 65 (or Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses 68 whatever) you’d get another quest, that sets you up in a similar way for Northrend. You get another special item that allows you to port to Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra at start but offers more options as you discover the inns…
It would make questing a bit easier to since you don’t have to set your hearthstone anywhere in those ares once you discover the inns.

At level 80 (or 78) you visit your class trainer who informs you that even though you could still improve Wholesale Jerseys your skills in Northrend, but that challenges in the current world also need your attention with the rise of Deathwing etc. and Jailyne you could get started on the final stretch to 85.

Seems like a simple solution to me, maybe even more if Blizz would/could even add a few liitle quests or questlines in Outland or Northrend where you would report Corp. to some time agent or something with certain quests to make you feel like you are actually doing things in a different continuum, but still have all the old stuff unaffected by it. Could be something as easy as exploring a certain area, and reporting the situation back to the time agent and such.

Well seems simple, maybe easy way out, but would make the overall feel better than just having it there unaltered. What’s your opinion?

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BTW this has probably been done before, but could not find anything with Search function not working. Therefore I put it up.

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