Arugal Did Not Curse the Gilneans

Getting tired of people who 25 cant find this cataclysm info on their own. the gilneans do not have arugals curse here is proof. first off, the curse arugal has turns Wholesale nfl Jerseys them into worgen only cheap Air Jordans at night, the gilneans are cheap authentic jordans turned worgen permanantly, before the "cure".

also in this vid:

cut to 2:00 and start watching.

chris metzen says "they’re trying to get to the bottom of where this ANCIENT curse came from".

pretty sure arugal is not ancient. also, check the worgen flavor text:…amhack_013.jpg

The Worgen were Cheap Ray Bans first unleashed upon the Eastern Kingdoms by Archmage Arugal during the Third War. Primarily used as a weapon against the Scourge, the beasts soon proved to be a burden greater than the humans of Lordaeron could bear. A mysterious curse began to spread among those who fought alongside the wolf-men, causing them to become worgen themselves. The curse rapidly spread as it reached Gilneas, trapping its inhabitants behind the very walls built to protect them. The survivors of the curse now seek to find a new fate for their people — their destiny unwritten.

the worgen are also, as you all should know, related to an ancient druid sect from kalimdors past. the curse they have is ancient, so obviously, thats related to druidism too. i know all the info, ive seen the full questing of gilneas from an alpha leaker, but i cant say anything more.

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